A small team of dedicated developers,
copy writers and SEO consultants

A brief history

Stu Lane spent over ten years in the IT industry and worked with businesses all over the UK.


In 2014, Stu shifted his focus to web design and with connections to so many businesses, it didn’t take long to take off.


In 2016, Stu found his way into working with a few motorsport companies and quickly realised he could combine his passion with his work and Stu Lane Motorsport was born!


From then on we started supporting a large number of drivers, motorsport teams and championships with their Websites, Social media coverage and marketing material.

Stu’s Team

To have a great business,  you need the best people. Stu leads a small team of developers, copy writers and SEO consultants which together develop and maintain webstites.

As well as this, we work with Photographers and videoographers to produce media content for websites and social media.

Motorsport background

Stu is a true petrolhead. If he’s not tinkering on an engine or in a race seat, he’s restoring something mechanical in his workshop. Stu is also talented behind the wheel and has won many races in both karts and cars.

You’ll regularly find Stu at a race circuit, either working or driving something.

Being a Race driver, it gives Stu the understanding of what other drivers are looking for in their marketing and having worked with lots of teams, Stu’s got a great knowledge of how to market teams properly.


We have clients across the UK.