Your logo is a cornerstone of your branding, visually expressing your identity and name to make your organisation memorable. It’s also the first thing people often see of you, and encapsulates your values.

Think of the Nike swoosh, Apple’s bitten fruit, the twin-tailed mermaid or the siren of a High Street coffee giant and the golden arches of a certain fast-food chain. With such immediate recognition, it’s hardly surprising that multinationals are prepared to spend millions on their logos.

You don’t have to spend billions. But expect yours to gain power and meaning over time, rather than being love at first sight. And if you introduce any changes, altering what people have already grown used to, do so with great care. In fact, that goes for all logo-related decisions – spend time on your logo and don’t rush into anything.

Memorability, simplicity and originality are all key – but the end product must also be appropriate to your organisation, and be instantly recognisable.

Colour is very important – every shade carries a meaning and will communicate a different idea. If you already have corporate hues, you may wish to stick to those. Or perhaps you’d like to stay with just one colour? Equally, it’s just as possible to create an elegant-looking logo in greyscale.

If you can devise a custom script for the lettering, so much the better. But some of the best logos, such as Apple’s, are also the simplest.

Finally, consider what your logo means. Apple’s logo famously has that ‘byte’ missing, Twitter’s indicates upward motion with its flying bird, and FedEx’s symbol has a ‘hidden’ arrow, again to suggest forward movement.

If all these various aspects of designing an emblem to encapsulate your business sound too much, they don’t have to be. Talk to us today about how we could do design your brand’s logo for you.