Behind the magic

Our talented team

At StuLane, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency. Our roots go back more than 15 years, when we first began building websites for clients from varying industries. But, over the years, we’ve developed our skills, the team has grown and we have shifted our focus to become well-known in the motorsport industry. This is down to our passion for motorsport and work with some of the industry’s best-known brands.

Among our clients are MINI CHALLENGE, West Surrey Racing, Corbeau Seats, EXCELR8 Motorsport, SnickersUK, Harlequin Teamwear, TCR, FEV and many others.

Like most businesses, as we’ve evolved, we’ve come to realise that success is about more than just building websites and improving search rankings. We’re able to maximise our skills to help businesses increase their online presence and reach, and to drive more qualified traffic to their websites through tactics such as creating and promoting high-quality content, optimising websites for search engines and running targeted advertising campaigns.

We may only have a small team, but with a diverse range of backgrounds including IT, web development, online sales, retail, journalism, racing, media and recruitment, we have a wealth of skills on which to draw as we work closely with our clients to grow their businesses, while ours also continues to grow steadily along the way.


The Brains behind the business

To run a great business, you need the best people.

Stu Lane

Managing Director

Ever since he charged downhill aged 3 on his toy tractor, Stu’s been obsessed with speed and power. His obsession with extracting more performance out of everything has helped to grow our business and our clients businesses dramatically in recent years. Stu focuses on client relationships and can often be found at a race circuit.


Nick Shaw

Project Manager & Developer

Nick has over 18 years’ experience in web development. His technical skills and attention to detail help ensure our clients get the very best level of service. Nick manages all our projects and is very customer-focused. His passions outside of work include technology and Formula1. 

Jamie Lees

SEO & Business Growth Strategist

Jamie is a seasoned digital expert with more than a decade of experience across diverse platforms and industries. He excels at enhancing business impact through digital platforms and SEO. An analytical thinker, he stays ahead of trends, ensuring clients’ competitive edge. Jamie is also a true petrolhead, with a particular love of motorbikes.

Juliet England

Copywriter & Journalist

Juliet is a talented copywriter and journalist. For more than eight years, she has been part of our team and worked with an extensive line-up of industries, clients and topics. Whether it is content writing for websites, email campaigns or press releases, her writing skills help provide the best copy for our clients. 

A Brief History

Our Story

Stu Lane spent more than 10 years in the IT industry, and has worked with businesses all over the UK.
In 2014, he shifted his sole focus to web design, and with connections to so many businesses, it didn’t take long for his websites to take off. 

Stu is obsessed with performance and, outside of work, competes in car racing and track days. This has helped us to build invaluable relationships with championship organisers, drivers, race teams, and their suppliers …

It didn’t take long for Stu to realise that many people in Motorsport are driven, ambitious and have a relentless desire to succeed. The sport thrives on competition, and many drivers have successful businesses away from the track. 

This was a huge attraction for Stu. So, being ambitious and driven himself, his focus turned to the Motorsport industry.

Combining his love of competition, speed and excitement with working with companies driven to succeed proved to be the perfect match.

And it turns out that this performance-based approach works with any business with a strong desire to succeed. Stu and his team work with businesses across the UK to boost their performance and increase their revenue, sales and profits. 

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive growth for your business with our performance-based strategies.