Put simply, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a way of paying for internet browsers to visit your website. In a PPC campaign, when someone clicks on your ad – you pay the agreed Cost Per Click or CPC from the budget allocated to it. Once the budget has been used up, adverts are stopped until funds are topped up.

Clearly, this is a way of driving traffic to your website. With a campaign, you can rank your business on relevant keywords so you’re easily found by your target audience.

As with anything, know your goals in advance and what you want to achieve before you start on PPC. Do you want quick results or are you focused on a specific, time-sensitive opportunity? Are you keen to boost numbers of visitors to our site? Be clear as well on who you want to target –you can also specify time of day and geographical area where ads are displayed.

Next, research keywords thoroughly before using them to create ads. What keywords would your target audience use when searching online? Then you can create your ad strategy. Your adverts must tempt readers to click on them, and be highly relevant. Reading them should solve the problems your target audience is facing. Equally, think where people will ‘land’ after clicking – make sure that you don’t take users to an irrelevant landing page when your ad is clicked on. Ensure the content they view is user-friendly, attractive and has information that’s easily absorbed and understood.

Set a clear budget for your PPC campaign, one that won’t adversely affect other business activities.

Additionally, choose a campaign type, whether that’s a visual ad, complete with an image, a product listing or plain text. Choose the social media platforms on which you want ads to run, too.

Finally you can run your ads on a network such as Bing or Google AdWords, setting up multiple or single campaigns. You’ll then need to analyse how they’ve performed, and tweak those that don’t seem to be doing so well – then check them again.

Running a PPC campaign can be time-consuming, but we’re here to help. Give us a call today to discuss further.