Why you can’t ignore video in digital marketing

December 9, 2017
Posted in SEO
December 9, 2017 admin

You’re almost certainly working with video in some form already. But it could be that you need to redouble your efforts in this important area. And, if you’re not already using this medium, now’s the time to start.

There are several reasons why you need to harness the power of video in your digital marketing efforts.

Firstly, we’re hardwired as humans to give video attention – it’s the way our brains function. We can’t help but be drawn to images, especially moving ones. So, with video, you’ll always have a captive audience.

The other good news is that video can improve your rankings with the major search engines like Google, and is more shareable than just about any other kind of content.

You can also look forward to a click-through rate that’s around 41% higher than content with plain text or just images. Additionally, a study by Simply Measured found that videos are shared around a dozen times more often than link and text posts together.

It’s true that video may initially cost more to produce than some types of content, but average returns on your investment are a lot higher – more than half of marketing professionals surveyed say that video on external websites such as YouTube generate the best ROI of all.

And, whatever your budget, you can still produce great content this way.

Video is also highly measurable, in terms of knowing how long people spend viewing and rewatching certain part of your clips. So it’s easy to learn how successful you at engaging with your audience, across all online channels.

The other benefit is that, once engaged with your video, people will be hooked – and keen to spend more time studying your content and brand. So it will be easier for your message to sink in.

Finally, video is ideally placed to encourage your target audience to take the action you want them to take, from filling in a form to subscribing to your newsletter to actually buying or booking your products or services.


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