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Business Websites

We design and develop professional websites to help businesses establish and enhance their online presence.

A brochure website is one which is designed to provide information about a business, its products or services, and its overall brand. It’s a valuable marketing tool allowing businesses to showcase their offerings to potential customers and provide basic information about the company.

Did you know 94% of first impressions of a website relate to its design, and 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on its website design?

Websites Need to Perform at All Times

Did you know that 47% of consumers expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds, or that 40% of consumers will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

We understand the importance of technical performance when it comes to conversions, which is why only build websites that are user and mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

We also create visually appealing websites with high-quality images and graphics, optimised for search engines so that businesses get found online.

User experience and website speed is very important when planning a new website. If visitors can’t find what they are looking for or become frustrated, they will leave.

Prioritise Mobile Responsiveness

One Google study found that 61% of users were more likely to leave a mobile-unfriendly website and go to a competitor, while 79% of users were more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile responsiveness a website’s ability to adapt and display correctly on devices with different screen sizes, such as smartphones and tablets. This is important because people are increasingly going online through mobile devices.

If a website is not mobile responsive, it can be challenging to navigate and use on these devices. This can lead to a poor user experience and drive potential customers away. In addition, Google has stated that mobile responsiveness is a ranking factor for search results, which means that it may rank non-responsive websites lower in the search results. This can make it harder for users to find and access a non-responsive website, which can impact a business’s visibility and, ultimately, success.

Overall, mobile responsiveness is essential to keeping a website accessible and user-friendly for a wide range of users, and for improving the website’s search engine ranking and visibility. 

How can we help your business?

Having a website for your business provides numerous benefits, including increased visibility, credibility, accessibility, reach and convenience. It can also be a cost-effective marketing and sales tool, reaching a large audience for a relatively low cost. In addition, a fast-loading website can improve the user experience, while increasing your search engine ranking, customer satisfaction and sales and revenue, as well reducing bounce rate. 

By investing in a professional and well-performing website, businesses can greatly improve their online presence and success.


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