Modern, Responsive and designed around the MINI Brand.
MINI CHALLENGE approached us as they were having difficulties with their current website developer and being in the middle of the race season, needed a new solution quickly. The website design brief was to be similar to the MINI UK image and provide areas for all of the relevant information about the championship.

We began my mocking up a design and once approved, we populated the site with the championship information.

We continue to update the site on an almost daily basis during the race season and have a strong working relationship with the championship organisers.
Regular updates
The site is updated regularly to post news articles, race reports, upcoming events and more. The new articles are published to the homepage which we share on MINI CHALLENGE social media, the articles also go into a news section and can be accessed at any time.
We also publish articles focusing on drivers and this is displayed in a seperate section.

Championship Standings

Part of our role is to co-ordinate the championship standings for the series. This includes gathering the race results and translating this information into the driver standings, taking into account the regulations, points accumulated for qualifying/fastest laps and finishing position.
We’ve developed a system which automates much of this process and reduces the chance of errors which is very important.
Another requirement is to get this information updated quickly after a race meeting so usually the points system is updated immediately after an event, subject to any driver penalties.

“In 2016 we were not satisfied with our website supplier and after seeing some of Stu’s work we decided to entrust his team to rebuild the MINI CHALLENGE UK website.”

“Our brief to was to ensure that the website followed the MINI Corporate Identity, whilst delivering the specific requirements of a Motor Championship website and to deliver the working package within 1 month.”

“I can say without hesitation that my experience of working with Stu has been the most stress free of any dealings with web masters, his professionalism, responsiveness and communication skills have made the whole process as painless as possible, especially considering the time pressure we created.”

“Based on this experience I have also engaged Stu to work with me to build a new website for my other business Evolve Financial Planning Ltd.”

“I simply can’t recommend Stu highly enough.”