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Why Choose Us


We’ve been working with businesses for years with their ecommerce stores and have found that it depends on how established the business is to what service we can offer. A start up business may have a tight budget and less products where as a long term ecommerce store may need lots of complex functionality. You may have a successful retail business and want to move it online which entails a lot of work to achieve. Whatever your situation we recommend talking to us first but we’ve put together some packages to help you decide what you need to suit your budget.

Why choose Stu Commerce for your e-commerce website?


We’re not telling you to use us. If you’re just starting out and have a really tight budget then a basic website builder may be the best choice for you but if you could get on the right platform from the start and some good advice, do you think you might have a better chance of succeeding?

If you’ve already got a website, we can audit your site to find out if there’s room for improvement, whether it’s user experience, mobile views or some much needed functionality!

We’ve put together some good reasons how we might be the right choice for your business.

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    You may be setting up an ecommerce store as a side project or trying to run your business. Let us help by speeding the process up and allowing yout to get on with more important tasks.

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    Working with us means you get to use our extensive knowledge of online shops, what users look for and what features your site really needs.

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    If you have any questions during the project or get stuck on something we’re always on hand to lend a hand. We want you to succeed!

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    Don’t make the mistake of building a new site and then finding when you want to expand it you need to start again. Start off on the right platform and you won’t need to change!

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    If you’re budget is tight, we’re always happy to help by providing monthly payment options for websites to help your business cash flow.

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    The possibilities are endless with a massive selection of features that can be added to your site as it grows. If you can’t find a feature, we can build it!

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    Whether you already have a domain name or need help securing one, we can organise registration and take care of the management of your domains.

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    E-commerce sites need to be fast and we use our own virtual private servers to ensure your site is secure and runs super fast!