At a Glance

  • Established business renting floor mats throughout the UK
  • Also attempting to sell mats to retail customers via website
  • Mixed messages on website made it unclear for both retail and rental customers
  • We split the business into two separate websites


UK Mats was established in 2000 and is now the largest dedicated mat company in the UK. The focus of the company is on high standards, reliably delivered by their dedicated team of over 30 staff.

UK Mats have recently moved to its new HQ and laundry plant in High Wycombe, Bucks, and washes around 20,000 mats a week for there impressive number of clients.


The Problem

UK Mats approached us after seeing the work we had done with Pest Control Direct. Their current web provider was ineffective and the were having difficulties trying to make their site better. Their webiste was being poorly managed and the online ads had no connection to the website marketing. In addition to this, they were unaware of what services they were paying for. They had a great budget for their online marketing but their return on investment simply wasn’t good enough. We could see immediately that they were not getting nearly enough in return for their huge Google Ads spend. 


The Solution

Initially, we spent the first few months tidying up their site and improving functionality. We then focused on improving the financial return of their marketing spend. Working closely with UK Mats, we split the two services (mat rental and mat sales) into two separate websites. Although this may have appeared counterproductive it meant that we could improve the marketing message, making it more targeted with a clear message for potential customers and help promote the two separate services. focuses on mat sales including logo mats and is an e-commerce store with a mainly domestic customer base. is aimed at businesses, such as hotels or retail stores that require frequent mat replacements to ensure their entrance mats remain clean. UK Mats operates throughout the UK either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to take the old mats away for cleaning and replace them with clean mats. Both sites have a clear focus now and it is easier for their customers to be directed to the correct place.

With our experience in online marketing we could see that they were massively overpaying on their ad spend with little reward. We have worked hard on this for them and significantly reduced their spend whilst actually improving their organic search results listings. We now continue to work closely with UK Mats to ensure their leads are directed appropriately, ensuring they are getting the high-revenue based leads in the correct geographical locations.