At a Glance

  • Professional Touring car Driver had an out of date website
  • Website didn’t match the driver’s brand image
  • Wasn’t able to sell merchadise on the site



Daniel came to us to help with his website as his current site was very basic and didn’t reflect his professional image. As a British Touring Car Driver, having a modern and up to date website is important to reinforce his brand to his sponsors and needed a new website to achieve this. Daniel was also looking to sell his merchandise online which wasn’t possible on the old site.


The Solution

We worked with Daniel to create a modern, engaging site which included important features such as an image gallery, Instagram integration, the BTCC season calendar. We also added e-commerce functionality to the site and added Daniel’s latest merchandise to the site.

We designed the site to mirror his current team livery and released the new site on the same day as his team announcement to get the best impact on his fans and partners.

We’ll continue to keep Daniel’s site updated throughout the race season so that it remains current and fresh to help reinforce his professional image.