Online Services

We have a full portfolio of online
services to meet your needs.

Online Services

We don’t just develop and build websites to the best of our ability. We’re in with our clients for the long haul, providing a full portfolio of online services, from web and email hosting and troubleshooting to handling all your domain name needs.

We explain each of these services in a little more detail below. Have a read and get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat about what your business needs for its online presence.

Domain Names

Domain name management is key to the health of any website. We help our clients identify and manage this aspect of their online presence. We can register, renew and manage all of your domains so you can be safe in the knowledge they are being looked after.

If you’ve got various domains scattered around the web, we can collate them together and manage them for you so everything is in one place and it’s much quicker to fix any issues if something goes wrong.

We also assist with domain troubleshooting – for example, if you’ve registered a domain and then forgotten where, or asked someone else to register a domain for you and then lost touch with them, we can help. Likewise, if your domain has expired, or if other domain-based problems are affecting your business, we can sort out the issues on your behalf.

Web Hosting

Every good website deserves a good home! Because we have our own UK-based dedicated servers, we offer secure email and web hosting services, ensuring your website visitors get on to your first site at first click, and quickly enough. (Numerous research shows how quickly people will go elsewhere if a website doesn’t load as fast as they want it to.) What we provide is highly reliable with almost no downtime and rigorously backed up. Talk through the options with us today – they include standard and e-commerce hosting to suit varied needs and budgets, as well as WordPress hosting for your blog.

Email Platforms

Any business needs a dependable, secure email system with addresses from its own company name.

Our email hosting sets up emailing for your business from our dedicated servers, so you can email with your own company address. We can set this up for you quickly, reliably and securely, and with almost zero downtime.

As well as our affordable basic email hosting, we offer the Office 365 suite of software tools and services that Microsoft® provides, with plans including email, calendar and access to Microsoft Office applications.

We’re also certified with Office 365 and with a background in IT systems, we’re very experienced in migrating existing emails into Office 365.


A website that isn’t up and running costs your business money. That’s why we don’t just build your website and leave it. We carry out routine maintenance and updates, including security ones. But we also deal with more reactive issues to minimise downtime. Our monitoring software allows us to detect issues, often before you are even aware of them yourself. Drawing on our extensive in-house expertise, we carry out regular health checks on clients’ websites, and maintain and support a broad range of online platforms, from basic HTML sites to e-commerce or Open Source and bespoke solutions.


We have clients across the UK.