Thank you for your interest in the motorsport Social Media role.

We’re looking for someone that can assist our clients with their Social Media channels.

This includes the following tasks:


  • Managing social accounts
  • Liaising with photographers, clients, partners and other team members to gather content for channels
  • Looking through social channels for relevant sharable content
  • Having an understanding of client’s requirements and ensuring content meets these
  • Having an eye for detail and minimising errors on posts

Please use the form below to help us understand your skills and what you’d like to get out of the role.

Where are you located?

Social Media Experience

We'd like to know how much experience you have working on Social Media channels.
Tick the boxes if you are experienced in using the platform
This refers to business accounts rather than a personal account

Social Media Examples

Please could you write a couple of example posts for us to see your writing style. This isn't a test, we'd just like to see how you get on.
Instagram Example (Example account: Max Motorsport)
A driver (John Smith) has just won a race for a team. The Team is Max Motorsport.
The Championship is the MINI CHALLENGE and they are in the JCW Class.
The Race Circuit is Oulton Park.
The driver started in the race in 3rd place and won the race.

We need to write a post promoting the drivers win.
Facebook Example (Example Team: Max Motorsport)
A team (Max Motorsport) would us to create a post promoting an announcement of a new parter, Red Tools.
The post needs to include the following:

* A new partnership for 2021
* Red Tools are one of the biggest automotive tool suppliers in the UK and have over 50 branches.
* Red Tools will be providing the team with all of their motorsport tools and kit for the season

We need to write a post promoting the new partnership.


This role is remote and hours will vary but it would be good to find out your availability.
This isn't a requirement but it would be good to know if you would be prepared to visit race circuits to perform media tasks.


This role is focused on Motorsport so it would help us to know if you have an understanding of the sport.
You're not required to have an interest, it's simply a question.
Please explain if you do.

About You

We'd love to find out about you and what you enjoy and want to get out of the role.
For example Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
For example, you may want to kick start your web design career...
Thank you for completing the form.