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Ecommerce Packages


From start ups to large, complex ecommerce sites

We’ve been working with businesses for years with their ecommerce stores and have found that it depends on how established the business is to what service we can offer.

A start up business may have a tight budget and less products where as a long term ecommerce store may need lots of complex functionality.

You may have a successful retail business and want to move it online which entails a lot of work to achieve. Whatever your situation we recommend talking to us first but we’ve put together some packages to help you decide what you need and to suit your budget.


Ideal for businesses that have no ecommerce store and would like to get started selling their products or services online.

We’ll build you a new website in the hugely popular WooCommerce platform. Using your input we’ll build the page structure and populate the first ten products and categories. This will provide you with a great framework to build onto and will allow you to grow the website to any size you like. This is a great alternative to ‘Build you own website’ sites as you’re already on the right platform and can grow the site as you like. The new site will include all the basics to get you started but once you’re ready, you can add a massiev selection of features to the site.

Only £499+vat.

Includes Web hosting and an SSL certificate for the first 12 months, worth over £400.


You may already have an ecommerce store. Perhaps you’ve used an online builder or you are finding that your website isn’t working as well as you would like. We’ll set you up with a new site.

We will set up a new WooCommerce platform that is massively popular for web shops and is very easy to keep up to date and add additional features. We can work with your requirements to develop the new site and help you to learn how to use the new platform. There’s lots of useful features that we can add to the site. We’ll go through your requirements with you to help ensure the site does everything you need.

Starting at 1199+vat

Depending on the features you require on the site.

Includes Web hosting and an SSL certificate for the first 12 months, worth over £400.


This package is intended for clients that already have an ecommerce site and would like replace it with a new, up to date site.

The custom package allows us to personalise your website to meet your specific requirements. It’s an ideal choice if you already have existing ecommerce website that’s well established. We usually find that there is some important functionality that we need to include on the new site. We will also migrate your content from your current site so we’ll need to establish how many products, orders and customers you have. Once we’ve done all this, we’ll give you a price.

Once the site is complete, we’ll continue to support you as much as required. Whether it’s staff trailing, guidance or SEO support, we’re here to help and can offer support package to suit your requirements.

Starting at £2499+vat

Depending on the features you require on the site and the amount of data to migrate.

Includes Web hosting and an SSL certificate for the first 12 months, worth over £400.


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